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EHH – CALL FOR PAPERS – Patents in civil engineering and construction systems 27 02 2024

Journal: Engineering History and Heritage (EHH)

Guest editor: Silke Langenberg, Professor of Construction Heritage and Preservation, ETH Zurich


Abstract proposal by: 30 April 2024

Full submissions by: 30 June 2024

Submit your abstract proposal to:



Engineering innovations are key factors in the construction industry and can be protected by patents. In fact, often of the technical materials, building-, traffic-, and hydraulic-structures etc., that come from civil engineering, are patented. Within the development of the construction industry, the patent assumes the task of disseminating technical innovations on the one hand and stimulating new inventions on the other.

Patents are established in various areas of the Civil Engineering disciplines, including Engineering Science. Construction management: Analysis, planning and calculation of buildings of all kinds is also one of the legally protected work systems, just like in the validation of existing buildings as in constructions to be erected. In addition, the building informatics with their information and communication technologies is to be expected and is responsible for distributed and cooperative work processes with a continuous flow of information. It also operates with proprietary software and enables the cooperation of all construction partners involved.

Examining the socio-economics of patents in civil and structural engineering provides insights into the structural contexts of our built environment. Contributions are sought that deal with patents on building materials, construction methods and processes, civil engineering and construction systems, design methods, construction companies, building machinery etc. Biographical descriptions of important historical personalities who owned numerous patents are also of interest.

We are inviting contributions to this themed issue of on the following themes:

 • Legal protection in construction management and construction management

• Patent and invention process• Economically strategic use of the patent

• Patent and development of building materials science, building material testing, building chemistry and building physics

• Tasks of the patent in the establishment of construction companies

• Civil engineering design patents

• History of civil engineering and patent

• Patents in civil and hydraulic engineering

• Geotechnics (Tunnelling, Mining)

• Patents on biological building materials (e.g. Mycelium, Bio-Binders)


For further information: rehm@arch.ethz.ch